After 33 years of service, Eddie Reeser has stepped down as chief of police at Wildwood PD and has stepped up as Law Enforcement Relations Director at Accident Cleaners.

“When I retired from law enforcement, it was important for me to continue serving others,” says Reeser. “I needed to work somewhere that made a positive impact. Accepting this position felt like a natural transition.”

When asked why he decided to work in biohazard cleanup, Reeser simply stated that he “saw a need.”

“When I was 18, a family member passed away in our home and I had no choice but to clean it up myself,” says Reeser. “It was horrible. Back then, there was no one that provided this service. When I met Accident cleaners at the police department, I thought to myself– ‘Aha! Finally, a company that can help!’

When you work in law enforcement, you witness a lot of  families that have no clue what to do after the police are gone,” Reeser explains. “They go in, remove the body, finalize reports and lock the door– but the mess is still there!”

Reeser says that he aims on alleviating the lack of awareness.

“I’ve been on both sides of that yellow tape—as a family member and as a cop. They both need to know that there’s help. This is the real reason I chose to work here.”

Although Reeser is devoted to his new position, his main focus will always be on raising his family.

“I have 3 dogs, 2 horses and a beautiful daughter. My wife deserves all the credit though. Along with raising our daughter, she’s still having to raise me as well.”