2020 has been a wild ride. There is no doubt that all of us are excited to put the year behind us and look towards a less chaotic future. We want to make sure that you enjoy your celebrations to the fullest extent while being safe!

Here are 10 tips from law enforcement on how to stay safe while still getting the most out of your New Year’s celebrations:

  1. Plain and simple…. Don’t Drink and Drive.
  2. Make a plan in advance! Know who will be taking you home if you drink and what activities you’ll be doing.
  3. If you can’t find a sober driver, stay where you are. You can also find rides at http://www.soberrides.org/
  4. Start out the night with a full stomach, as alcohol poisoning will be less likely to occur.
  5. Don’t use firearms or fireworks.
  6. Have a plan for your children (or pets!). Know where they’re going and with who.
  7. Don’t advertise your whereabouts or plans on social media. This gives burglars an opportunity to break into your home.
  8. If leaving your car overnight, make sure to park in a populated and well-lit area. Roll up windows, lock doors, and don’t leave valuables.
  9. Bring only what you need with you. Identification, money, credit card. Leave all other unnecessary items at home so they don’t get lost or stolen.
  10. Celebrate with a friend (or 10!). If you’re going out to celebrate, use the buddy system.

Thank you to all law enforcement and first responders for protecting the people and keeping us safe through the holiday!


Happy New Year!