Biohazard & Hoarding Cleanup In Florida

How to approach the cleanup and restoration of a home that has been affected by hoarding can seem like an impossible task.

Do not attempt to clean the home of a loved one who has been hoarding, as these sites are often dangerous. Piles of belongings at hoarding sites can be highly stacked, which poses the risk of items toppling and breaking, causing injury. It is also common for rotting debris and mold, decaying animals and live insects and eggs to be uncovered in homes where hoarding has taken place. All of these materials are biohazards that should be left for professionals to clean up.

The team of certified technicians at  Accident CleanersSM of Florida are properly trained in the removal of biohazardous material. We will arrive with the required equipment, protective gear and cleaning materials to properly cleanup and disinfect the hoarding site, while salvaging any belongings that can safely be saved.

If your property, or the property of a loved one, has suffered material or structural damage as a result of hoarding of animals or possessions, we will also be able to handle any needed reconstruction and renovation in Florida.