Suicide Cleanup, Blood and Death Cleanup

If someone you love has committed suicide, you have enough going on — you shouldn’t have to also worry about how to properly handle suicide cleanup. Under no circumstances should you attempt to clean or sanitize the area yourself.

When you call  Accident CleanersSM to handle the cleanup of a suicide scene, our trained team will arrive promptly with all needed supplies and equipment.

We strictly adhere to all regulations regarding how to deal with suicide cleanup, including bloodborne pathogens, and we will take care of the cleanup situation, safely and completely.


Suicide Cleanup

If you find a person who has committed suicide, contact the authorities. Do not disturb the scene, and be careful that you do not come into contact with anybody’s fluids or other biohazardous materials, as these substances carry diseases, bacteria, and other dangerous toxins.

In some cases, biohazardous materials will seep into baseboards, carpet, and subflooring, as well as spread under walls, and into drywall, creating a complex situation that must be handled correctly.

Proper suicide cleanup of a home, property, or vehicle can only occur utilizing specialized equipment and thorough training. In certain situations, extensive damage can occur to a business, home, or vehicle, causing permanent staining and damage to surfaces. It may be necessary for our technicians to remove pieces of flooring, walls, and other areas of a property to ensure complete cleanup of a suicide.

Depending on the situation, your insurance company may cover some of the needed cleanup and restoration services. We will work directly with your insurance company in order to help minimize the stress and confusion you’re feeling while dealing with the effects of suicide.

In addition, our dedicated Claims Administrator will be your primary point of contact, walking you through the entire process. Don’t hesitate to call if you need assistance with suicide cleanup, we are here to help.