Death Scene Cleanup & Unattended Death Cleanup in Florida

In an ideal scenario, after a death, the body would be immediately removed (whether the cause of death was natural or accidental). Unfortunately, this is not always the case. When a death is unattended and goes undiscovered, the body may be left to decompose for days, weeks or even months.

Throughout the process of natural decomposition, body tissues begin to break down, which in time results in the release of gases and bodily fluids. These substances can seep into carpets, subfloors and other building materials, leaving stains and unpleasant odors that, without proper cleaning, can linger in a home or business.

Only specialists like  Accident CleanersSM in Florida can safely and completely clean and disinfect the area and properly dispose of all bodily fluids and other hazardous waste.

We offer 24/7 decomposition and undiscovered death cleanup services, and our Florida technicians understand the emotional impact of an unexpected death and treat each case with care, from start to finish. Call us for fast, compassionate assistance.