Captain Mike Schentrup retired in 2021 as a Bureau Commander for the Gainesville (FL) Police Department, where he had worked for almost 25 years. The majority of his career was spent in investigative units, including major case detective, gang and burglary unit sergeant, and ultimately the division commander for detectives. Captain Schentrup taught extensively in

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I Remember Our Veterans

by Cathy Brewer-Goodwill Today, we honor Veterans’ Day. As the holiday approached, I remembered family members who sacrificed not only for my family, but also for their country. I am an ‘Army brat,’ albeit it was just for a short time in my formative years. When my mother remarried, a proud Army Staff Sgt. adopted

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Mustard Gas and Bleach: The “HUMAN” Correlation

Have you ever heard someone tell you never to to mix bleach with other chemicals? If so, they were absolutely right! Here’s some of the reasons you should avoid bleach and some of the side effects that can occur when handling bleach during certain situations: The Breakdown Of Bleach As A Cleaner The elements that

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Crime Scene Cleanup: The Messy Insight.

Cleaning up a crime scene doesn’t just happen in the blink of an eye, and it takes a whole lot more than mere bleach and water can fix. Aside from the safety aspects, cleaning up a trauma or crime scene can take hours to decontaminate. That’s not even taking into consideration restoration of the home.

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It’s crazy to think how many TV shows there are about forensic investigation. With shows like Law and Order and CSI gaining popularity, it’s no wonder so many people believe they know all there is about what happens at a crime scene. But what about the family scene? When you take away the police tape

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Important Things To Consider For Biohazard Cleanup

When a loved one passes unexpectedly and without warning, the situation can be detrimental to the associated family. Unfortunately, the scene of the passing can also pose many health risks to others. During an unattended death, the body begins the natural process of decomposition fairly quickly. If the scene is not remediated properly, then the

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Suicide- Overcoming Hopelessness

“My depression has a voice. It tells me things, and I instinctively believed them. I’ve carried these thoughts with me since early childhood. Some days, I’m so use to this inner dialogue that I don’t realize it may not be based in reality. Some days I realize they are distorted thoughts, and yet I’m too

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We’re Thankful For You!

It’s hard to mention just one thing we’re thankful for here at Accident Cleaners. From the people we work with to the families that we serve, helping others is something that we all share in common. To Our First Responders During times of trauma, you guys mean the world to us and the families we

Healing Amidst Horror: BioTechs Help Bring Closure

BULLET-RIDDEN BIBLES.... BLOOD-STAINED CRAYONS These are not the typical thoughts that come to mind when we think about a small Christian town, but for one community in particular, it was. On November 5th at 11:20 a.m., 26-year-old suspect Devin Kelley was spotted firing off an assault rifle into First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, Texas.

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Fentanyl Exposure: 5 Tips To Keep Cops Safe

It’s no secret that Fentanyl is one of the deadliest drugs on the market to date. One dose of fentanyl can easily amount to 500-1000 doses of heroine. No wonder this drug is so hard to control. When dealing with fentanyl on the streets, it’s important to keep yourself and others around you safe. Here

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