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On a warm, summer Florida day, there was an old man that decided to take a stroll on the beach the morning after a storm. As he started his journey, he noticed a small boy off in the distance picking up starfish and tossing them back to sea. The beach became littered with these creatures

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What Is An Unattended Death

An unattended death refers to a situation where an individual is not discovered after passing away for a prolong amount of time. This time frame may range from mere hours to multiple months. Unattended deaths are more common among elderly individuals, especially in cases where the individual lives alone. An unattended death may occur as

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Understanding Bereavement & The Need For Compassion

Bereavement is the process of grieving when a loved one passes away. After investigators leave the scene of an unattended death, loved ones oftentimes face several obstacles amidst the pain and chaos associated with an undiscovered passing. It’s important for the families to take the time to grieve properly though. Although there may be a lot

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