Biohazard Cleanup: Meth Lab, Meth House, Tear Gas Clean Up In Florida

In the unfortunate event that you discover a property you own has been used as the production site for meth or another illegal drug, or has come into contact with tear gas or other dangerous chemicals, be sure to stay clear of the property and inform the authorities immediately.

You should also call  Accident CleanersSM to come to the site and properly handle the chemical cleanup, as law enforcement will not be responsible for ensuring the cleanup, disinfection or restoration of your property.

Never attempt to clean a site where chemical materials have been discovered. Unprotected human exposure to tear gas, as well as the chemicals used in meth production, pose serious health risks. Immediate side effects from chemical exposure include sever headache, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, as well as eye, nose and throat irritation and difficulty breathing. Long-term effects can be even more serious, as these chemicals have been found to be cancerous, and even fatal.

Our team of certified technicians in Florida are properly trained in the removal of biohazardous material. We will arrive with the required equipment, protective gear and cleaning materials to get the job done right, following all federal and state regulations.

If your property has suffered material or structural damage as a result of the chemicals present, we will also be able to handle the any needed reconstruction and renovation. In many cases, your insurance will cover the costs of cleaning and restoration, and we will work with them directly to streamline the process and minimize your stress.