The scene of an accident, homicide or suicide can leave anyone shaken to their core. The sight of death and destruction is something that many of us carry our entire lives. But what happens after the police, first responders and crime scene investigators leave?

Despite what you may have seen on television, local, state and federal agencies do not clean up after violent crimes. In reality, the owner of the home, vehicle or property is responsible for that task. However, the majority of people are both mentally and emotionally unequipped to handle this type of cleanup. The proper cleanup of an area where a person has been fatally injured, has committed suicide, or has died in an unattended death is vital to the safety and health of everyone nearby.

At  Accident CleanersSM, we have the necessary knowledge and expertise to properly clean and treat areas in a home or vehicle to permanently remove dangerous bodily fluids and other biohazardous materials. Several of our team members are firefighters and first responders, and we understand these types of situations as only those familiar with emergencies could.

An accident or crime doesn’t wait for regular business hours, and that’s why we are on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


If you need a home or vehicle cleaned, don’t attempt to do it yourself. Trust the 100% certified, insured and licensed professionals at  Accident CleanersSM.

Whether you’re in Florida or calling from out-of-state, we’ll take care of all the details, including working directly with your insurance company to cover the cost of crime scene cleaning.

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