Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

We take this time to reflect on the prior year, celebrate with family, and give thanks. Yet, as we celebrate, we must take a moment to recognize and thank the first responders who do not always have that luxury.

Thousands of police officers, EMTs, firefighters, victim advocates, military personnel, and other first responders often miss out on the traditional celebrations. They dedicate their time to help protect and keep us safe, while they give up time with their loved one.

They will be on duty, fulfilling their responsibility to keep the public safe.

As we sit down to tell stories with family, share meals and gifts, first responders are hard at work responding to emergencies and helping those in need.

“Let’s take a moment to remember those working over the holidays. Their sacrifice and service to our communities allow us to enjoy the holidays in peace.”

For law enforcement and first responders, time does not slow down during the holidays. This time is often of the busiest and most dangerous times for first responders. They face higher instances of posttraumatic stress disorder and other work-related mental fatigue during this time of year, making it even more difficult for them.

As we celebrate, make sure to take a moment and remember those working through the holidays and putting their lives on the line, so we can celebrate in peace.

We sincerely thank all Law Enforcement and First Responders for all that you do. As always, Stay Safe and Happy Holidays.