When a loved one passes unexpectedly and without warning, the situation can be detrimental to the associated family. Unfortunately, the scene of the passing can also pose many health risks to others. During an unattended death, the body begins the natural process of decomposition fairly quickly. If the scene is not remediated properly, then the biohazard contamination may linger well after any visible signs of trauma are gone.


Our main focus is to alleviate  burdens families face with biohazard trauma and to keep them safe. After an individual passes, the scene must be thoroughly disinfected and restored. These efforts do not occur easily. Remediating and disinfecting a trauma scene is relatively difficult process, but a trained professional in the biohazard cleanup industry can help.


When dealing with biohazard cleanup, safety and emotional sensitivity must be top of mind. Within hours of death, harmful bacteria are released into the affected area. Proper protective gear should be worn by individuals that are in the immediate area. This, again, is why it is best to allow professional biohazard cleanup technicians to deal with the decontamination efforts. Although the situation is never easy on us emotionally either, knowing that we are properly cleaning up a scene helps bring peace of mind to us and families. 19 years in the industry along with proper biohazard permits and training  allow us to dispose biohazard safely and compassionately.


  • Any porous material, including wood, carpet, drywall or concrete, will absorb bodily fluids. As a result, simply cleaning the material isn’t always an option. When it comes to biohazard contamination, some remediation efforts must include replacement and proper disposal.
  • Even if blood is not visible, it does not mean that threats don’t linger. Blood borne pathogens can lie dormant for several months. If blood seeps into tile, for example, and the blood underneath becomes wet later on, then diseases such as hepatitis A can go back into an active state posing health risks to all in the area.
  • While decomposition is a natural process, traditional home cleaning solutions, such as bleach, are not sufficient to safely clean, sanitize and disinfect areas affected by human decomposition.


In some situations, after an individual passes, the next of kin may seek to rent out or sell the property. Biohazard contamination can affect the livability, value and structure of a home. So, properly remediating the home from the beginning is the best way to ensure the house is safe and retains value.


Accident Cleaners & Restoration has been in the business of trauma cleanup and restoration since 1999. We believe in compassion in crisis for a reason- we understand what the jobs entail.

For us, it’s more than just a cleanup job, it’s a family loss and a time of grievance. If you have questions, we’re here 24/7.  Our live support staff also serve as biohazard cleanup specialists. So we can help with any questions you may have.


We pledge to treat your family as our own. We’re here for you, locally, 24/7– when you need us the most!