For the past five years, Trish Godwin has made herself imperative to the Accident Cleaners & Restoration team as the Claims Administrator. She oversees the emergency dispatch  and  is the  first person to talk with each of our families in need. To the surprise of many, she is also a Certified Biohazard Recovery Technician (CBRT), which allows her to knowledgeably walk a family through the biohazard cleaning process so they know what to expect when our team arrives onsite.

Trish is known around the office for being very organized, as well as for her care and compassion toward the families and businesses we work with. She takes her role as Claims Administrator very seriously and knows how to deal appropriately with clients who call looking for help. It’s common for our clients, whether friends or families, to be extremely upset, worried and confused. Trish is able to provide a calming personality and caring voice on the emergency dispatch line while maintaining the professional knowledge to provide clear answers. She provides genuine kindness and empathy, while at the same time being helpful and thorough.

Trish also works closely with insurance companies to take that stress and responsibility off of the friends and family members who have experienced the loss of a loved one. Because of her expertise in dealing with insurance carriers, Trish has become efficient and knowledgeable in assisting the families so everything is handled quickly and seamlessly.

It would be impossible to count the number of calls, emails and letters we have received over the years from past clients praising Trish, but a sampling of client testimonials include:

“Trish, thank you for all you have done for me. I would have been a total basket case not knowing what to do!”

“The lady who went over the paperwork was very respectful, patient and kind.”

“Thank you, Trish, for everything. I truly appreciate all you did under the circumstances.”

“Trish, I appreciate your patience and knowledge. It’s always a pleasure talking with you.”

We are so very lucky to have Trish as part of the family at Accident Cleaners & Restoration. Thank you, Trish, for all that you do for us and for our clients each and every day!