It’s crazy to think how many TV shows there are about forensic investigation. With shows like Law and Order and CSI gaining popularity, it’s no wonder so many people believe they know all there is about what happens at a crime scene.

But what about the family scene?

When you take away the police tape and the allusive appeal about finding the murderer, you’re left with a grieving family and a contaminated property. Law enforcement gathers up the evidence and the coroners remove the body, but cleaning up the crime scene is a completely different matter.

When a murder occurs, blood is spilled. When spilled blood is not cleaned properly, lives are placed at risk. Bloodborne pathogens can lie dormant long after a murder has occurred; and spilled blood can have detrimental effects on a home. Even with this said, law enforcement officials are not responsible for the mess and leave it in the hands of the families to figure out what to do next.

Crime scene cleaners, also known as bioremediation specialists, help families who are forced to face such perils. It’s a situation we may all face but never expect. When it does, it’s important to trust the experts.


Bleach and household chemicals are not enough for death cleanup. Items such as walls and furniture that come in contact with blood and other biohazard materials must be removed, replaced and remediated.  Trusting a crime scene cleanup company that is properly equipped is one of the best ways for families to protect themselves from infection and ensure the scene is restored to a safe and healthy state. Crime scene cleaners are skilled in removing biohazard while fully protecting themselves and others from potentially life-threatening infections.


Since 1999, families have placed their trust in us to remediate their home and to protect them from harm. Cleaning up a crime scene is never easy emotionally or physically, but our team of trained technicians have the knowledge, skills, equipment and compassion needed to lessen the burden placed on families.

We pledge to treat your family as our own. From discovery to completion- above service, beyond compassion, 24 hours a day.