Most of us, if we’re lucky, only know of the horrors associated with body cleanup from TV shows such as “CSI” and “Law and Order” where actors narrate suspenseful events in order to captivate an audience surrounding death investigations. We associate a crime scene with the publicly portrayed “Do Not Cross” tape and become fascinated by what may lie behind that allusive, yellow line.

But once the professionals have left the scene, then the real cleanup needs to be addressed. Families then have to face the massacre that’s not glorified by Hollywood- maggots that infest remains, fluids that spread into every crevasse, odors that putrefy the air…. This is their reality. This is their unbearable, heart-wrenching truth.

The sad fact is, when investigators are finished with a crime scene, they do not take responsibility for the biohazard remnants. Too often, families are left to deal with the emotional and physical trauma on their own. Government officials may offer guidance, but at the end of the day, it’s up the families to remediate the situation and decontaminate the area.

The Scenario

Imagine, if you will, going a few weeks without hearing from grandma. You become concerned and decide to check in on her. Once you get there, you discover that she has peacefully passed away in her sleep. Unfortunately, though, the scene of her passing in not so peaceful— that distinct smell of death lingers in the air, brownish-red fluids saturate your surroundings and the sight of it all is too much to accept. While stricken with grief you make a conscious decision to call 911 and await emergency response. Once investigators do all that they can and funeral arrangements are set, you then have to figure out how you’re going to deal with the mess. You’re physically and emotionally drained, but you have no choice but to deal with the house. Restoring her property and her belongings is a necessity, but with that said, you just never imagined having to deal with such an insane scene on your own. “How do I even start?!” you ask.


It’s More Than Just a Simple Clean Up Job

This kind of situation is exactly that kind of situation that Accident Cleaners and Restoration is licensed to and has experience handling. When it comes to biohazard, it takes more than just elbow grease to decontaminate. “The work is not for everyone, but it’s something we know needs to be done properly.” Says Trish Godwin, CBRT, “If biohazard recovery is not carried out thoroughly, then the contaminated area may even become hazardous to your health.”

Bloodborne pathogens can contaminate an area long after individuals die. Insects such as larvae and flies oftentimes become carriers of human diseases and can pass them onto others. “it’s important that the area becomes truly cleaned, not just visibly cleaned,” says Trish Godwin.

Don’t Trust a Stranger- Check for Credentials

Credentials are everything! If you ever find yourself in this position, then it’s important to know where to turn to for help. A victim advocate or police officer may hand you a list of names, but even then, it’s important to ask as many questions as possible. And if they don’t, then you need to know where to turn to on your own.

Restoration Companies may say that they can handle biohazard cleanup, but if they aren’t backed by proper licensures and certifications that are specific to biohazard removal and handling, then you may still be at risk to biohazard exposure for years to come.

Don’t Face It Alone

With most biohazard and hoarding jobs, property insurance and other coverage may help large portion of the expense. It’s not exactly a subject that comes up often, but it is important to know to ask. You don’t have to face it alone, and if you have questions, never hesitate to ask a professional.


Our Promise to You!

Accident Cleaners & Restoration has been in the business of trauma cleanup and restoration since 1999. We believe in compassion in crisis for a reason- we understand what these jobs entail.

For us, it’s more than just a cleanup job, it’s a family loss and a time of grievance. Oftentimes families will have a lot to handle during these situations, that’s why we’re even here to help with handling  insurance companies on your behalf and offer assistance 24/7.

Know where to turn, trust the experts and never feel ashamed to seek support!