Biohazard cleanup can be difficult, especially in a murder or suicide scene. Even unattended deaths, where elderly family members slip and fall only to remain undiscovered, require advanced cleaning and restoration. One of the biggest mistakes that family members make is to hire an unqualified biohazard cleaning (often water and mold restoration companies, janitorial cleaning or carpet cleaning companies).

The family may not realize how ineffective the company was at cleaning until afterward when they start to notice a death odor. Blood or body fluid spills on flooring usually seep into padding or underlayment and then sub-flooring. This is only the beginning though, as 80% of the scenes we see also have fluids running into walls or some other attached fixture such as a bathroom vanity or doorway. Unqualified biohazard cleaning companies aren’t equipped to tackle bio-hazard cleanup projects, much less correctly permitted, insured or certified in the trade.

Here at Accident Cleaners, we love our carpet cleaning partners and we often refer them business when the request is a good fit. We would never recommend hiring a carpet cleaner for even the most simple biohazard cleaning job and here’s why:

  1. It could be a violation of OSHA law – The Occupational Safety and Hazard Administration requires bio-hazard training for any employee that could come into contact with bloodborne pathogens.  In addition, companies in Florida that perform biohazard clean up (also known as bioremediation) are required to register with the Florida Department of Health to obtain one or multiple permits before completing the work.
  2. Equipment/Cleaning Agents – Commercial carpet cleaning equipment and the chemicals used are not suited for biohazard cleanup. Any biohazard cleanup scene requires specialized disinfectants made to kill blood borne pathogens or other potentially infectious material along with industrial-strength deodorizers and machines, at the very least.
  3. Training and Certifications – Not only are all our technicians properly certified to perform the work we are also the only dedicated biohazard cleaning company in the state with a licensed contractor with advanced certification in bio-recovery cleaning running the operations. Therefore, any job, regardless of size, is taken care of properly and fully.
  4. Experience with insurance companies – most of the bio-remediation requests that we receive are covered by insurance but dealing with the adjusters, paperwork and other nuances of death-cleanup claims can be difficult if you aren’t familiar with the process. We even have experience with the probate attorneys over estates, as well as with mortgage companies.

Whether you trust a local company like Accident Cleaners or choose another service provider, our goal at the end of the day is to do everything we can to help you avoid costly mistakes and get through this difficult time as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Working with a qualified cleanup company will play an important role in restoring the scene to its original condition quickly and effectively.