If you are ever in need of biohazard cleanup services, our company will be standing by to help. We have wide-ranging capabilities when it comes to biohazard cleanups, and we provide timely, effective, and affordable assistance during difficult times. In this blog post, we will share a brief overview of the different types of biohazard cleanup services that we offer to our clients in many different parts of the Sunshine State.

Homicide and Suicide Cleanup

When you watch a movie or a television show and you see a murder scene, the body will often be taken to the coroner’s office, but who cleans up the aftermath at the scene of a crime? They never address that in the movies, but in real life, there is no official or governmental mechanism in place to handle crime scene cleanups. This is where we can enter the picture. Blood and other bodily fluids are biohazards, and we are trained andbiohazard cleanup services certified professionals who are qualified to handle biohazard cleanup assignments at murder or suicide sites.

Vehicle Cleanup and Decontamination

As we all know, people sometimes pass away in motor vehicle accidents. In many cases, the vehicle can be salvaged and sold, but there can be blood left behind in the car or truck. We can be called upon to provide biohazard cleanup services under these circumstances.

Decomposition and Undiscovered Death

Sadly, in some cases people pass away alone, and their bodies are not discovered for extended periods of time. This is a very difficult area to address, but our company has the ability to respond to situations like these. We can handle biohazard cleanup chores, and we can also restore the residence to the condition that it was in before the death of the occupant. This can include sanitization and odor removal.

Hoarding Help

As you can see, we often complete death cleanup assignments, but we offer help for hoarders as well. We work closely with our clients to make sure that we set aside the things that are valuable as we clean out the accumulation of unwanted items.

We Will Be Here When You Need Us!

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