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Sudden traumatic death can happen to anyone’s family, but none of us expect it to happen to our own loved ones. At times like this, many people are bewildered and at a loss for what to do next. Although most of us are familiar with crime scenes on television, most of us have never considered the reality of a traumatic or violent crime.

At Accident Cleaners & Restoration, we know that when confronted with a sudden death, the last thing you should deal with is cleaning up a horrific mess. Our family-owned business will take that worry off your mind and we will interact with your insurance company directly so that you don’t have to.

When You Need Crime Scene Cleaners

Ensuring that a crime scene is properly and adequately cleaned is vitally important, both for the preservation of evidence and for the health preservation of others. Body fluids and other biohazardous materials require special handling in order to avoid contamination of surfaces and sites. You will need a professional crime scene cleanup crew in order to clean up the scene properly and permanently remove offensive odors. We are the premier accident cleanup company in Florida.

Body fluids and the residue of death, as well as law enforcement chemicals, are dangerous substances, both to handle and to dispose of. State and federal regulations require specific methods for disposing of hazardous material, and we are fully trained and licensed to comply with these regulations. At times, mold may have occurred and we are equipped to eradicate that as well.

We understand that survivors may want to try to eradicate the mess themselves just to get the place cleaned up as soon as possible. As professionals, we implore you not to do this. Doing so can expose you to dangerous substances that can adversely affect your health and may even interfere with crime scene investigators and contaminate or alter the crime scene. Altering or tampering with a crime scene is illegal in most states.

What to Expect at a Murder Cleanup

When you call us, we will take a report over the phone to determine the extent of the cleanup necessary and how long it will take us to arrive. We will arrive promptly at the time and location specified and be properly prepared to thoroughly clean up the scene. We know how to locate the smallest area of contamination, so be assured that the cleanup will be complete and thorough.

Our team will be compassionate and as unobtrusive as possible during this very traumatic time for you. Our crew members have been trained as first responders and firefighters; we know how stressed you are feeling and how important it is to be on the scene as quickly as possible.

If the tragedy occurred at home and you plan to subsequently sell it, it is doubly important to ensure that the scene is properly cleaned. Many states require disclosure of this information at the time of the sale so you need to protect yourself against possible future litigation.

Often, a crime scene will involve multiple deaths and substances such as tear gas and fingerprinting dust. We are completely trained and equipped to thoroughly clean up after these substances and multiple deaths.

We know that crime happens every hour of the day, every day of the year, so we are always available. We consider every call we get to be an emergency and will respond accordingly. Our customers consistently write us and express their appreciation for our services during a very traumatic time.

Biohazard Cleanup

Along with the toxicity of the fluids found at a crime scene or murder scene, there will be odors remaining. Body fluids each have an odor and the combination at a crime scene can be overwhelming. Unless these fluids are properly eliminated by a professional crime scene cleaning crew, the odors may remain or return. Often, contamination is not visible without special equipment, which we have, therefore you can be assured that the contamination and odors will be eliminated.

In order to properly clean and eliminate odors, enzymatic cleaners must be used that are not available except to licensed entities. We have the proper chemicals necessary to leave your home, vehicle, or business without the offensive odors found at a crime scene. We are also licensed to properly dispose of the waste material in accordance with state and federal law.

Call Accident Cleaners & Restoration

We have been serving the community for almost two decades in the area of hazardous material and unexpected death cleanup. We offer our clients the utmost in compassion and professionalism in the following areas:

We are licensed, bonded, and insured, and maintain numerous certifications in hazardous material cleanup and disposal, so you can be assured that your job will be done correctly. We guarantee all our work and want to help you through this very traumatic time in your life. We are the best at what we do, and because we are family owned, we offer service and compassion that you won’t get from a large corporation.