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  • "Thank you very much. The guys were very considerate and kind. They closed the door so we didn’t have to see them clean up and they were very discrete in the removing of things from the room. We really appreciated it."

    The Moss Family

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    Tom Brandent

  • "We appreciate that we were treated with respect and kept abreast of what was being done. Thank you for responding so quickly on a weekend. Your team made a trying experience a pleasant one under the circumstances. Thank you so much."

    Fugate Family

  • "Thank you so much. The gentlemen who came were very professional and kept communicating with us during the process. We were very impressed from the moment we called. Everyone was very helpful, we wouldn’t have known what to do if the lady answering our call hadn’t set everything up. "

    Wilson Family

  • "Thank you all for working with us. We would have never known what to do. Your entire team, from the guys who were here to the office team, were wonderful and so understanding."

    Lang Family

  • "We just wanted to thank you for being patient and working with our probate attorney. We appreciate that even though the account is paid, you are still willing to help us with the additional needed paperwork and all. You have been so sweet."

    Williams Family

  • "Thank you and your guys for helping and for getting this done so quickly. Thank you for working with the insurance and helping get that settled as well. Glad people like you are around."

    Borgert Family

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Knowledge and Expertise in Biohazard Cleanup

Crime Scene Cleanup Kissimmee FLDespite what you may have seen on television, local, state and federal agencies do not clean up after violent crimes. In reality, the owner of an Kissimmee home, vehicle or property is responsible for that task. However, the majority of people are both mentally and emotionally unequipped to handle this type of trauma cleanup. The proper cleanup of an area where a person has been fatally injured, has committed suicide, or has died in an unattended death is vital to the safety and health of everyone nearby.

At Accident Cleaners & Restoration, we have the necessary knowledge and expertise to properly clean and treat areas in a home or vehicle to permanently remove dangerous bodily fluids and other biohazardous materials. Several of our Kissimmee team members are firefighters and first responders, and we understand these types of situations as only those familiar with emergencies could.

Our trauma cleaners handle a variety of different cleaning situations whether you need hoarding cleanup, accident cleanup, the removal of biohazards involving meth or other drugs, murders, suicides, or vehicle, RV, boat and plane biohazard cleanup.

Biohazard Cleaning for Difficult Situations

Biohazard Cleanup Company Kissimmee FL

The death of a loved one is a difficult situation. When a person suddenly passes away in your home in Kissimmee, you are left with many urgent problems to solve. We have found that cleaning up the site is one of the most urgent yet scariest issues because it is outside the experience of most residents. You need professional assistance from crime scene cleaners to remedy the mess before your household can return to normal. You want a crime scene cleaner company staffed with professionals who know how to clean up after a suicide, a homicide, or an unattended death. Don’t try to handle the cleanup alone. You could miss important steps in the process of removing hazardous materials and making the home safe again.

Decomposition & Crime Scene Cleanup

The death of a person can leave behind dangerous microbes and other materials that are harmful to the health of the remaining members of the household. It’s important to be concerned about protecting humans and pets from unnecessary exposure to disease-causing materials left after a traumatic death.

We are a crime scene cleanup company in Kissimmee FL specializing in crime scene cleanup, suicide cleanup, and homicide cleanup. If a person expired while unsupervised, there are many tasks to attend to, including safe biohazard cleanup. Our highly trained crime scene cleanup technicians use rigorous procedures to document their thorough screening of all areas for dangerous bacteria, fungi, and viruses. These microbes can remain on surfaces and spread through the air to contaminate other areas of the home. Microbes remain from leftover blood and other materials. Our crime scene cleanup company near you is prepared to handle any unfortunate cleanup.

24/7 Undiscovered Death Cleanup in Kissimmee

In an ideal scenario, after death, the body would be immediately removed (whether the cause of death was natural or accidental). Unfortunately, this is not always the case. When an unattended death goes undiscovered, the body may be left to decompose for days, weeks or even months.

Throughout the process of natural decomposition, body tissues begin to break down, which in time results in the release of gases and bodily fluids. These substances can seep into carpets, subfloors and other building materials, leaving stains and unpleasant odors that, without proper cleaning, can linger in a home or business.

We offer 24/7 decomposition and undiscovered death cleanup services throughout Kissimmee, and our technicians understand the emotional impact of unexpected death and treat each case with care, from start to finish. Call us for fast, compassionate assistance.

Kissimmee Murder Scene Cleanup

Hoarding Cleanup Kissimmee FLFew people understand the severity of the health risks that arise following a homicide or murder that occurs in a home, at a business or in a vehicle. In most cases, once police and investigators leave the scene of a murder or homicide, a professional death scene cleanup crew will be needed to properly clean and disinfect the area, as well as to properly dispose of all biohazardous materials.

It is especially important that complete death cleanup is completed before families assume residence of a home or coworkers go back to work after a loved one or friend’s murder or homicide. The situation in itself is upsetting enough; living or working in the aftermath can be unbearable if the environment is not properly cleaned. The danger of potential infection by diseases remaining in body fluids, as well as fingerprint dust that may remain on the scene prior to an investigation, is very real.

The team at Accident Cleaners & Restoration are experienced in proper murder, homicide, and blood cleanup procedures in Kissimmee and adhere to all state and federal guidelines regarding the disposal of biohazardous materials. Call us anytime, day or night.

Kissimmee Suicide Cleanup

Biohazard Cleaning Kissimmee FLIf someone you love has committed suicide, you have enough going on — you shouldn’t have to also worry about how to properly clean the site of a suicide. Under no circumstances should you attempt to clean or sanitize the area yourself. When you call Accident Cleanup & Restoration to handle a suicide cleanup in Kissimmee, our trained team will arrive promptly with all needed supplies and equipment. We strictly adhere to all regulations regarding how to deal with bloodborne pathogens, and we will take care of the cleanup situation, safely and completely.

If you find a person who has committed suicide, contact the authorities. Do not disturb the scene, and be careful that you do not come into contact with anybody fluids or other biohazardous materials, as these substances carry diseases, bacteria, and other dangerous toxins. In some cases, biohazardous materials will seep into baseboards, carpet and subflooring, as well as spread under walls, and into drywall, creating a complex situation that must be handled correctly.

Proper suicide cleaning of a home, property or vehicle can only occur utilizing specialized equipment and thorough training. In certain situations, extensive damage can occur to a business, home or vehicle, causing permanent staining and damage to surfaces. It may be necessary for our suicide cleanup technicians to remove pieces of flooring, walls and other areas of a property to ensure complete cleanup of a suicide.

Depending on the situation, your insurance company may cover some of the needed cleanup and restoration services. We will work directly with your insurance company in order to help minimize the stress and confusion you’re feeling while dealing with the effects of suicide.

Kissimmee Meth Lab Cleanup

Crime Scene Cleanup Kissimmee FL

In the unfortunate event that you discover a Kissimmee property you own has been used as the production site for meth or another illegal drug or has come into contact with tear gas or other dangerous chemicals, be sure to stay clear of the property and inform the authorities immediately. You should also call Accident Cleaners & Restoration to come to the site and properly handle any meth lab cleanup or other biohazard cleanup services as needed, as law enforcement will not be responsible for ensuring the cleanup, disinfection or restoration of your property.

Never attempt to clean a site where chemical materials have been discovered. Unprotected human exposure to tear gas, as well as the chemicals used in meth production, pose serious health risks. Immediate side effects from chemical exposure include severe headache, dizziness, nausea, and vomiting, as well as eye, nose and throat irritation and difficulty breathing. Long-term effects can be even more serious, as these chemicals have been found to be cancerous, and even fatal.

If your property has suffered material or structural damage as a result of the chemicals present, we will also be able to handle any needed reconstruction and renovation. In many cases, your insurance will cover the costs of cleaning and restoration, and we will work with them directly to streamline the process and minimize your stress.

Giving Responsive Service to Kissimmee Households

People who are especially at risk for infection from exposure to biohazardous wastes are young children, elderly adults, and people with chronic illnesses or a minimal ability to fight disease. Blood and other bodily fluids may contain microbes that cause hepatitis, tuberculosis, swine flu, and AIDS. Our trauma cleanup technicians search the entire home using specialized equipment and find any harmful residues, such as underneath couches and in air duct systems. We want to ensure that we successfully treat all potentially dangerous materials before you resume living there.

Contact Us for Expert Crime Scene Cleaning Today

To get your professional trauma cleanup services, we recommend that you contact us for free information. We want to explain our expert trauma scene services. Our cleanup crew will use empathy and professionalism to handle the restoration of your home. Let’s schedule a time that is convenient for you and minimize the impact of this traumatic event on your family.

Not all biohazard cleaning companies can respond to a site with remains of a human who has just died. There are many legal requirements that impact the safe removal of human waste from a crime scene. Please consider our biohazard cleanup company near you for confidential and comprehensive services for your situation today.

Our team of trained and experienced crime scene cleanup professionals are aware that traumatic events don’t always occur during regular business hours. They are not scheduled, expected, or planned. When it happens, we’re here for you, 24/7.

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