Biohazard Cleanup

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When suddenly confronted with a cleanup need that includes any type of questionable biohazards, it’s time to take action and call in the professionals. At Accident Cleaners & Restoration, our specialized technicians in Manatee County, FL, are licensed and insured. We are ready to inspect and provide a safe solution for any problem.

Bloodborne Pathogens

Cleaning an area affected by a death is a difficult process that should not be tried by homeowners. It is important to hire a professional cleanup company.

Hazardous material may be a term that you never want to hear. That’s why we are certified to perform a complete and safe biohazard cleanup. Any accident cleanup that involves bodily fluids requires professionals who are trained emergency response technicians.

Bloodborne pathogens can be serious enough to be life threatening. Diseases such as MRSA and even hepatitis can be major concerns.

Call in our trained emergency response personnel, and if carpet or flooring needs removal, we have the equipment and certification to safely remove, transport and dispose of contaminated materials in appropriate locations.

Level 5 Clutter and Biohazard Cleaning Companies

Years of hoarded clutter can harbor black mold and mildew materials that have been buried for years. Respiratory protection is mandatory in any situation where there may be exposure to infectious matter similar to a trauma cleanup.

Be safe and call in the experts. Hidden mold growth may be living inside walls and ceilings. Experts have monitoring tools to detect contaminated areas. One bad situation can easily be remedied by our team.

Kitchens that are so neglected that they harbor communicable diseases require special attention. There is always a happy solution provided by our trained experts.

Differences in General Cleanup Crews and Crime Scene Cleaners

Your friend can dust and clean your home to your satisfaction, but crime scene cleaning is different. Broken glass, toxic irritants and other foreign materials may require supervised transportation. State and federal guidelines control the handling and removal of contaminated matter that may be classified as hazardous wastes.

crime scene cleaner specializes in every area of decontamination. A special certification may be required for purchase of chemical solutions that are necessary to restore your property to a safe level. Our company provides sanitation measures and necessary deodorizing techniques to help ensure a future clean area.

Now that you know more about hazardous situations that could be contaminated, you have the option to call us to make your home and property safe again. Our licensed and trained experts remove all the guesswork from any cleanup. It’s worth the investment to keep your family safe. You deserve a customer-friendly team to restore order from chaos.

“Let our professional experienced care team help you through this.”

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Our team of trained and experienced crime scene cleanup professionals are aware that traumatic events don’t always occur during regular business hours. They are not scheduled, expected, or planned. When it happens, we’re here for you, 24/7.

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