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Like much of Florida, Lake county has ocean-side cities with picturesque views, lots of outdoors adventures (including a seaplane base, marina and a splash park), and friendly, down-to-Earth residents. Like other regions, accidents, suicides and other crime scenes occur in Lake County. After a suicide or accident, biohazard cleaning companies are the best option to restore your home or rental property.

Why Choose Biohazard Cleanup?

Unattended deaths, including suicides or natural deaths, can result in bacterial growth inside the home. These bacteria quickly grow and multiply, and are often embedded in carpeting or other furnishings. Blood and other bodily fluids are also frequently found in hidden areas, such as under floor coverings or under fixtures in the home. By using the proper cleaning methods, we can remove even the hardest-to-reach contaminants in the home.

While trauma cleanup must be performed properly to sanitize the home, there is another benefit to choosing professional services. Cleaning after an accident, suicide or other death is emotionally challenging. With professional services, you can avoid the stress and trauma of cleaning the home personally.

What to Know About Biohazard Cleanup

Crime scene cleaning requires using special cleaners that are designed to remove bodily fluids. Even the most effective household cleaners, like bleach, aren’t suited for removing bodily fluids. In fact, cleaning the home using traditional methods can spread bacteria through the home. Those susceptible to illness, including those with asthma, the elderly and young children, are particularly affected when improper cleaning methods are used.

Furnishings and carpeting that are contaminated with bodily fluids or organic matter must be removed, rather than replaced. Our crime scene cleaners remove any items that cannot be cleaned. We then clean the underlying surfaces to ensure the area is disinfected. Because some items must be removed, crime scene cleanup ensures all discarded items are properly thrown away in a landfill that is approved for biohazardous materials.

Trace amounts of blood or other bodily fluids may be present, but are very hard to detect without the proper tools. Our suicide cleanup team can detect even small amounts of bodily fluids, ensuring your home is safe and clean after a traumatic incident.

Compassionate, Discreet Service

You can expect fast, compassionate and discreet service from team. Your crime scene cleaner understands that traumatic events are challenging for our clients. We strive to clean and disinfect the home in a discreet manner, which helps you avoid unwanted attention from neighbors or others in the community.

You can feel secure in choosing our team of professionals, as each person on the team is licensed, bonded and trained in cleaning accident scenes. Accident cleanup doesn’t have to be emotionally taxing or physically exhausting when you opt for professional cleaning services. Contact us today for fast, discreet service if you need assistance in cleaning your home after an unattended death occurs.

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