If an accident strikes in your home, and a family member is killed or very seriously injured, accident scene cleanup will be necessary. There can be blood and other bodily fluids present, and these are biohazards that can cause illnesses. They have to be handled very carefully by someone who is trained to be able to deal with biohazards safely. Plus, under these circumstances, you are naturally going to be in an emotionally distressed state, and it would be hard to take on this type of task on your own.

The same thing is true of a motor vehicle accident scene cleanup scenario. In many instances, a vehicle will be salvageable after it is in a serious accident that resulted in a fatality, multiple deaths, or significant injuries. Before the vehicle can be sold, biohazard removal and decontamination will be necessary. It takes the right equipment, training, and certifications to effectively complete an accident scene cleanup assignment.

Firefighters and emergency medical technicians are the everyday heroes that come upon these situations. Government agencies are not set up to provide accident scene cleanup, and typical citizens are not equipped to handle biohazards, so there is a void. The founder of Accident Cleaners, Dan Pinkston, was a firefighter/EMT who recognized the need for an accident scene cleanup service in Florida back in 1999, and he took it upon itself to provide solutions. At the present time, the company offers accident scene cleanup in Jacksonville, Lakeland, Orlando, Port Orange, and other many communities throughout the state.

The experience factor is very important when it comes to this type of work. Each case is different, and when you have been at it for almost 20 years, you have seen just about everything. Plus, in addition to the hands-on biohazard cleanup and decontamination, there is a human element. An accident scene cleanup service is going to interact with many people who are going through difficult times, so it is important to be patient, kind, and empathetic.

In addition to the cleanup part of the equation, we can also be engaged to repair and restore the affected areas when it is necessary and appropriate. Ultimately, you receive a turnkey solution when you engage our company. If you would like to speak with an accident scene cleanup specialist in Jacksonville, Orlando, or another area in Florida, we can be reached by phone at 866-402-9112.