Everyone knows where to find someone to clean up their house or garage, but sensitive biohazard cleanup jobs like blood cleanup assignments are in an entirely different category. This is very dangerous work, because there are diseases that can be transmitted through bodily fluids, and this is one thing that makes it very specialized. And of course, blood cleanup can be required after a violent crime has been committed. If you are responsible for the property that was the scene of a crime, someone that you know and love may have been involved, so it can be a very emotional situation.

We established our company back in 1999 to be able to fill the gap when it comes to blood cleanup and other types of biohazard cleanup services in Tampa, Orlando, and other cities in Florida. Any company is only as good as the team members that represent it, and we identified this from the outset. Our people are all highly skilled, licensed, and certified, and they are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment.

The technical expertise that we apply in the field is obviously extremely important, but there is another quality that we look for in the people that we bring onto our staff. There is a human component, because we are in fact working with clients who are going through very difficult situations in many if not most cases. Sincerity and empathy are key, and we consistently find that our clients are very grateful for the caring way that we go about our business when we respond to blood clean up assignments.

We Will Be Here When You Need Us!

When we say that we care about our clients, we genuinely mean it. Though we provide top quality biohazard cleanup and restoration services in Clearwater and Jacksonville along with the other cities we have mentioned, we also do everything possible to keep our prices as low as possible. Plus, we go the extra mile to provide an unlimited window of availability, because we can provide emergency responses around the clock, each and every day of the year. If you ever need our assistance, simply give us a call at 866-402-9112, and we will take care of the rest.