If you are suddenly confronted with a situation that requires a biohazard cleanup, you are probably going to be frozen with shock. Once reality starts to set in, you will come to the realization that the powers-that-be do nothing to clean up the affected areas. This can certainly add to the emotional distress that you are naturally going to feel under these circumstances.

During the latter portion of the 1990s, we decided to provide a solution for people who are going through very difficult times like these. We established Accident Cleaners and Restoration, and we have devoted ourselves to providing solutions for Floridians who need a biohazard cleanup resource.

As you might imagine, this is a very sensitive area to work in. There are government rules and regulations, because significant health hazards are present when you are handling certain substances. We are licensed, certified, and insured, and we are fully capable of completing any type of biohazard cleanup assignment in Tampa, Jacksonville, Clearwater, or The Lakes. We can also handle the restoration tasks, so the spaces that have been affected will be restored to their original condition.

We get the job done, we get it done right, and we provide empathetic service along the way. At the same time, we also understand the fact that situations like these do not always arise during banker’s hours. As a response, we have made an extraordinary commitment to the communities that we serve. Our emergency hotline is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, so we are always ready to spring into action to provide biohazard cleanup services in Florida.

In addition to the work that we do with death scenes, we can also apply our expertise to respond to other biohazard cleanup assignments, like blood spills, hoarding situations and body decomposition scenarios, and we do meth lab cleanup work as well.

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Though we sincerely hope that you never need us, if you do, we will be standing by to assist you. You can reach us by phone around the clock at 866-402-9112.